Assassin – Striking from the shadows!

After doing some work on standard line infantry I really wanted to return to a character model to perk myself up a bit. I have three assassin models in my collection so I thought painting one up would be a good start. The other thing that motivated this choice is that the assassin have very little in the way of armour so it would give me a chance to try my scheme on a model that had small amounts of metal armouring.


I really enjoyed painting this character, I love the posing and style of it and I think my colour scheme came out really nicely. I will probably end up painting my shades in a similar style to this and the other assassins. After some online feedback I toned down the green on this model so it wasn’t clashing to heavily with the striking purple. Seemed to get a nice effect here.


Next I am going to finish a few more spearmen and some crossbowmen. I think next will be an article on my colour scheme or some pictures of a regiment on its custom made movement tray all ranked up.

~ by Evazorek on January 20, 2012.

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