The First Spear Elves


My recent focus has been on getting some of the basic regimented infantry for my army painted so I can refine my colour scheme to make it quicker for rank and file models, but also to see how it looks on a group of miniatures.

I included the completed dreadlord (with his new base reworking) in the picture for comparison and to see how he would look alongside the new additions. The issue I had originally was that I painted the dread lord some time ago and remembering the process of painting his armour and other bits was proving difficult.

I had to repaint the first test spear man several times to get the colours right on the armour. Once I had that nailed down again the rest came quite quickly. I am not a fan of painting lots of miniatures at the same time. I get lazy and a bit sloppy and it makes the base coating part of the job a bit tedious when there are so many.

I have found a nice balance with just groups of 5 miniatures at a time.

Overall I am really happy with the results, I think the armour is a bit brighter on the spear men and I would quite like to darken this down a bit so I might try washing the entire model with watered down badab black just to see if I can bring them in line more with the dread lord but we’ll see.

My next goal is to get some crossbowmen done and also finish a few more spear men. This is a slightly larger group than 5 just because I wanted to see how doing 10 at a time would be.

~ by Evazorek on January 19, 2012.

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