The Dread Lord!


So here he is, the aforementioned Dread Lord and the first model painted for my Dark Elf force. The model was done some time before writing this blog but I wanted to keep the chronology of my force intact.

I used this model as a test for my colour scheme and it turned out really nicely. It took me around 10 hours in total with some of that being staring at the model as I painted it working out colours and stages in my head. The model style has changed some what since its original paint job.

The base was originally grass topped with a Dark Flesh base edge, now it is snow topped and also the base edge colour is graveyard earth. I decided that I didn’t like elves being pink skinned and so I opted for a colder and paler flesh tone making the elves look cold and evil. The theme for the force is a northern tower regiment and so the coldness and pale skin works well to support this.

Next I decided to paint some standard foot soldiers to see how my army would look on a more regimented group of miniatures and also at a distance so I chose to do a group of dark elf spear men which I have around 60 of.

~ by Evazorek on January 18, 2012.

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