Getting started is always the hardest part…


Starting a new painting project or army is always a daunting task even to a veteran painter. I think many hobbyists make the mistake of building an entire 2,000 point army and laying it all out in front of them before they begin. This to me makes a mountain out of a mole hill situation where the sheer amount of unpainted plastic makes it hard to even begin!

I didn’t want to fall prey to being overwhelmed by the task at hand so I took steps to manage this and give me motivation and¬†encouragement.

The first thing I did was base and spray all of my dark elf army. This meant that I had in some respects started the entire force and if need be I could play the odd practise game with no grey on the table. After this, I put away 90% of the army into cases, out of sight of my painting area so I didn’t have 200 models staring at me, judging me, demanding I paint them right away! This helped me focus on the few models I had out and allow me to concentrate on making them look great without worrying about the massive amount I had left to paint.

Personally I am always encouraged by seeing finished models. Having some guys who are totally done and look awesome really gives me a boost and motivates me to plod on through the dull bit of base coats. To this end I decided the first thing I would paint would be a dark elf noble on foot, a single character model who I had not put into any of my lists. This was a good practise model for my proposed colour scheme and I didn’t have to worry about making mistakes because it was just one model.

In the next post I will show you the results and talk about my thought process when painting him.

~ by Evazorek on January 18, 2012.

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