Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen

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Hi all,

As I promised, this month I would hopefully be posting a lot of stuff up to show progress after last months slow going. I have some hobby goals in mind this month as well as a 1 day tournament towards the end but I’ll discuss those in a future post. For now, let’s just focus on what I originally set out to do, paint my dark elves and show the internet how I was getting on.

So this weekend I finally got round to finishing my armies first unit, a small repeater crossbow regiment. I am so happy to have finished my first unit, it has given me a lot of encouragement for pushing forward. I know it’s not the biggest unit in my army but at least its done. I was getting pretty fed up with painting the dark elf footsoldier models after doing a few spearmen and then these guys but the models are actually quite nice to paint. For an older plastic kit they have a lot of good definition and a decent amount of detail.



I have had some feedback regarding the snow I use so I am going to try and improve this in the coming weeks. I am still using the GW snow but I think that with clever layering it can still be really effective.

I hope you like my crossbowmen and any feedback is welcome. Next up I intend to post some pics of my sorceress that I showed previously primered and ready to paint.



Noble BSB conversion

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Hi all,

Sorry it has been so long in posting, I am finishing off a couple of units right now and i’m not ready to post pics up yet.

I did however, have something to post up that I finished the other day. This is my Battle Standard Bearer for my army, he’ll lead the cold ones with the hydra banner.

This was converted from the new metal dread lord mounted on cold one.

I used the sword from the new black dragon kit and I made the banner from a shaft of the standard spearman banner pole and the banner from the corsair box pinned to the shaft.

Hope you like him, this guy has been on my work station for a while so glad to get him built.

As always feel free to comment below….

Some newness coming soon!

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Hi all,

I just wanted to put a quick post up as I have not posted in a while!

I have been really busy at work and although it will subside slightly in February I will still be pretty busy. But fear not! I will still aim to post what I can when I can and I still am enjoying blogging.

I will be posting a picture hopefully tomorrow of this gorgeous model all painted up…..

Painting Distraction – Lylith

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Hi all,

Work is keeping me very busy at the moment. I am doing 12+ hour days for the next week or so and this is impacting my paint time pretty heavily.

As a result the urge to paint identical spear men and crossbow men is pretty low but I am plodding onwards and upwards.

In the mean time I thought I would share a model I painted a while ago with you all which I am still happy with. This is lylith, an Everblight warlock from Hordes, the sister game system to Privateer Press’s Warmachine. I really liked the pose and style of the model and so had to paint one up.

Hope you like her and if this is a popular post I may do similar things with other single miniatures I get round to painting. Some times it is good to take a break from the army you are working on just to get a chance to use different paints and look at different styles of models.

I have a cryx war band waiting to be painted, maybe I will give that a go when my Dark Elves are 50% complete.

I am also writing lists right now for a 1 day WFB event in stocksfield so if people would be interested in some tactic or list posting let me know and i’ll get round to doing them.



Painting the armour

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The weekend has been slow for hobby related activities. I had my sibling staying with me and a girlfriend to entertain so I got very little painting or modelling done.

I felt pretty bad about it so I decided to post up a simple guide on how I have done my armour on the dark elves.

So I start with black primer which gives a brilliant starting surface for paint on resin, plastic and metal miniatures.

I then do a watered down layer of Liche Purple. This is the template colour of the armour and so doing a watered down wash first acts as the deepest shading of the model as the purple only partly covers over black.

I then apply a purple layer with just enough water to make the paint thin and usable for coating. This is where the colour starts to actually show on the model and also acts as the main tone of the armour.

After this is done I mix Liche Purple with some Bleached Bone. The mix is about 60 – 40% respectively and acts as the main highlight. I apply this to the raised areas and the prominent features of the armour such as the helmets and pauldrons (shoulder guards)

Once this is dry I mix Liche Purple directly with Skull White. This mix is a bit more even this time, and is used as an extreme highlight layer. I use this to pick out the ornate helmet details and the very edges of the armour plates.

Now the paint is on the scheme looks a bit extreme, so then I apply several coats of Leviathan Purple wash. The first coat of this is very watered down and is just painted vigorously over all of the armour so it has very good coverage.

After this has fully dried I do a second wash and depending on how it is looking depends on how much water I add to the final wash.


Now the armour is fully painted up! It will look very cool with the deep shadows and the subtle highlighting towards the armour edges giving it a decent style. I have been experimenting with using very watered down gloss varnish to just give the armour a bit of sheen at the end but beware it has to be very watered down and applied sparingly. Just a little too much and your armour will be stupidly shiny!


I hope this was an interesting read. I am quite busy at work this week but I am going to try to get a regiment of spearmen done with shields and finishing touches to post up near the end of the week. In the meantime I will post up some pics of other individual models I have been working on and also some more guides on how I have painted my army.





Assassin – Striking from the shadows!

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After doing some work on standard line infantry I really wanted to return to a character model to perk myself up a bit. I have three assassin models in my collection so I thought painting one up would be a good start. The other thing that motivated this choice is that the assassin have very little in the way of armour so it would give me a chance to try my scheme on a model that had small amounts of metal armouring.


I really enjoyed painting this character, I love the posing and style of it and I think my colour scheme came out really nicely. I will probably end up painting my shades in a similar style to this and the other assassins. After some online feedback I toned down the green on this model so it wasn’t clashing to heavily with the striking purple. Seemed to get a nice effect here.


Next I am going to finish a few more spearmen and some crossbowmen. I think next will be an article on my colour scheme or some pictures of a regiment on its custom made movement tray all ranked up.

The First Spear Elves

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My recent focus has been on getting some of the basic regimented infantry for my army painted so I can refine my colour scheme to make it quicker for rank and file models, but also to see how it looks on a group of miniatures.

I included the completed dreadlord (with his new base reworking) in the picture for comparison and to see how he would look alongside the new additions. The issue I had originally was that I painted the dread lord some time ago and remembering the process of painting his armour and other bits was proving difficult.

I had to repaint the first test spear man several times to get the colours right on the armour. Once I had that nailed down again the rest came quite quickly. I am not a fan of painting lots of miniatures at the same time. I get lazy and a bit sloppy and it makes the base coating part of the job a bit tedious when there are so many.

I have found a nice balance with just groups of 5 miniatures at a time.

Overall I am really happy with the results, I think the armour is a bit brighter on the spear men and I would quite like to darken this down a bit so I might try washing the entire model with watered down badab black just to see if I can bring them in line more with the dread lord but we’ll see.

My next goal is to get some crossbowmen done and also finish a few more spear men. This is a slightly larger group than 5 just because I wanted to see how doing 10 at a time would be.